Activating London
One of London Sport’s objectives is to help people with physical and mental health conditions to benefit from regular exercise. They are doing this via Open Data, so that link workers (referrers), exercise and platform providers can maximise their impact via joined-up services.
We convened 3 workshops with 140 participants to create a collaborative service design blueprint and discover the unmet needs of the people who use the systems. Collaborative design sprints identified the best ideas, which were then prototyped, developed, tested and implemented to improve the service.
Innovate UK’s Domestic Missions
Helping local governments achieve Net Zero commitments. 100% Open were asked to design and deliver a series of workshops around the UK. Firstly Identifying relevant SMEs and startups to engage with and then exploring how they could work local governments to tackle regional challenges and achieve their Net Zero targets.
As 100%Open’s associate design director, I co-lead the design of workshops, build virtual delivery platforms, facilitate, capture and synthesise outputs and design clients deliverables.
CHAP Innovation for Sustainable Resilience
Crop Health and Protection, one of four UK Agri-Tech Innovation Centres, brings together scientists, farmers, grocers, advisors and pioneers to advance crop productivity and protection around the world.
Sustainable resilience for farming is a urgent topic and CHAP identified 5 focus areas highlighted by its membership. They asked for 100% Open’s help in convening their members to collaboratively innovate solutions to answer unmet needs in the 5 areas. Selected solutions were then mentored in developing the ideas and supported in apply for funding to ultimately realise them.
Global Innovation Policy Accelerator
Innovate UK’s Newton Fund in partnership with Nesta and 100%Open was targeting innovation and start-ups in South American Pacific Rim countries. We convened a pilot accelerator involving 20 Columbian start-ups,  innovation organisations and government representatives in London.
Having designed, created and led the workshops for
the pilot project, we were then asked by Nesta to develop the Policy Accelerator for Government innovation ministers and organisations of the participating countries around the world.

 Nesta and 100%Open have now co-delivered GIPA in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Brazil, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, Turkey and South Africa.
UAE's 2030 Vision of Robotics and Automation
The Dubai Future Foundation needed to research, explore and gain insights and recommendations for the UAE Government’s 2030 Vision of Automation and Robotics. 100%Open won the tender to help explore the research, make recommendations and create a roadmap to inform the governments 2030 vision. Through a series of work-shops we  interrogated the trends and innovations in robotics and automation with global experts and then gained insights with leaders of the UAE sectors most likely to engage and use the new technologies. The findings were implemented into interactive insights and roadmap designs which the UAE government used to create their 2030 automation and robotics  vision.
The Cabinet Office Innovation Unit
The cabinet office tasked the Innovation Unit to run a special initiative looking at sustainability in the third sector. A handful of charities were auditioned to participate. I was asked to consult on the proposition, positioning and brand work with the participants for the project.
Through a series of workshops, working with the chosen organisations, we defined business models, strategic concepts, propositions, positioning and branding their offers as social businesses. The organisations ultimately developed these propositions to future proof themselves via commercially viable offers so as not be solely reliant on Government funding in future. The participating organisations’ new offers were launched to great success at the House of Commons.
RBG's Collaboration Accelerator
The Royal Borough of Greenwich Children's Services jointly commissions 3rd party services with the CCG and public health, e.g. safe housing for young people. Services tend to be rolled out again in a cookie-cutter way. There is an opportunity to move the cultural dial further from procurement to co-designing services throughout the commissioning cycle.
Greenwich wanted to do things differently in the future.
Lead Commissioners in social care, public health, early years and disabilities oversee a portfolio of services but had no joined up design and innovation process. Building on the participation strategy, Greenwich Children's Service are now more user-led and iterative, embracing service design to produce broader, iterative solutions.
Positioning into the UK Public Health Sector
Salesforce wanted to create a thought leadership campaign to engage with the UK’s Health Sector. They needed a way to position the overtly commercial and American culture of Salesforce to a UK Public Health Sector.
Our solution was to use the UK’s public health charter as a guide to adapt Salesforce’s vernacular. Then finding a health issue with a narrative that could showcase all that Salesforce has to offer for both the public’s and health service’s benefits.
The messaging and design elements were received so well that they used across their communication materials and the thought leadership helped win several large PCT  contracts.
Repurposing DLR Certify
De La Rue’s DLR Certify products and service are trusted and relied on by governments worldwide. They had an innovative solution that could provide an established way to help both businesses and societies recover from the COVID pandemic.
De La Rue asked us to create a thought piece for with a narrative and visual strategy for governments to understand and consider it’s use in helping to open-up businesses and borders again.