Highlife, Channel 4's premium DocuReality series for Black to Front, required a  look and feel for the titles and graphics  to help this unique series successfully achieve its ambition of challenging the norm and highlighting its lead characters as the “IRL”aspirational role models that they are.
Knightfall, A+E Studios big budget return to scripted drama,  title design concept used “Easter egg” cryptograms to be used in marketing, gamification and clues to the next piece of the quest to find the Grail ahead of each episode.
The design approach for Wallander was to create a sequence that echoed Swedish Bauhaus design, while pointing at Swedish society’s melancholy, troubled and sometimes disturbed underbelly. The organic development of the music with composer Martin Phips exposed Emily Barker as a new signing talent. The series has been attributed to starting the “Scandi” drama television trend in the UK.
For Kudos’ production we delivered an integrated package of branding and marcoms via titles, episodic photography and key imagery for the BBC’s marketing and press campaigns; sales brochure, exhibition stand graphics and promo for the distributor DRG, as well as commercial deliverables including DVD, VOD and advertising designs for NBC Universal.
Liza Marshall’s award-winning BBC series stared Mark Strong as Harry, a real-life gangster, infamous for both his ruthlessness and being gay. The title sequence intersected photographic studies of “Harry” and the other lead characters as a visual metaphor for the drama about to unfold.
The Hour, Abi Morgans’s acclaimed thriller was produced by Derek Wax. Episodic photography and key imagery were delivered for BBC Marketing and PR. Sales collateral, exhibition graphics and a promo were created for Shine’s international sales.
Past title sequences showreel
Extensive experience in providing creative solutions for broadcasters, studios, production companies and distributors. My expertise includes a detailed understanding of GFX design and production, branding, title sequences and marcoms, how these can be applied to media businesses and their production projects to catalyse creative and commercial success via broadcast, digital, print and experiential channels.
Clients have included broadcasters & streamers: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, Discovery & Netflix, ; independent production companies including: Kudos, LeftBank, TwentyTwenty, Island Pictures, Projector and Optomen; as well as studios and distributors such as Universal NBC, Shine, Fremantle, DRG and A+E to name a few.
I have been a regular judge for the Royal Television Society and BAFTA graphic design and titles juries and lucky enough to have received nominations from both organisations as well as being awarded a BAFTA for titles & graphic design.